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Assistant Manager


Fulfills programmatic responsibilities by taking a leadership role in assisting the Program Manager in providing supports and supervision to developmentally disabled individuals residing in group residences. Maintains the safety and Human Rights of the individuals being supported, as well as implementing Individual Service Plans (ISP) goals and strategies of Turning Point, Inc.


SUPERVISION RECEIVED:  Works under direction of a Residential Program Manager

COMPENSATION CLASSIFICATION:    Nonexempt, hourly position 


1.    All Direct Support responsibilities.

2.    Assists the Program Manager in maintaining a safe environment and ensures the Human Rights and Safety of individuals are being met in a residential setting licensed by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)

3.    Ensures all program staff follow all agency and program philosophy, goals, and objectives

4.    Assists and supervises individuals with all activities of daily living including, but not limited to:  hygiene, household chores, cooking, shopping, banking and community activities

5.    Assist Program Manager in the planning of menus to ensure that physician ordered diets are followed and help the Program Manager to ensure individuals make good dietary nutritional choices 

6.    Assists individuals to medical, dental, psychiatric and other appointments, as assigned by the Program Manager

7.    Follows all behavior plans and maintains required data collection. Assists Program Manager by role modeling required behavior plans and interventions, as well as helping staff to understand and execute all behavior plans and ISP goals/ strategies for each individual 

8.    Completes all documentation in a timely manner, including, but not limited to communication logs, shifts notes, incident reports, restraint forms, MAP documentation, etc.

9.    Takes lead in helping program staff follow the program’s operational policies and procedures, as directed by the Program Manager and/or Coordinator

10.    Assists Program Manager with interviewing of new candidates or internal employees. May sit in on performance and development goals meetings

11.    Under direction of Program Manager, assists in the training and orientation of new program staff, as well as the clarification of program policies and procedures for new and existing staff
12.    Engages in a positive manner with the individuals, their families and/or guardians, providers, and other staff and management

13.    Attends monthly team meetings

14.    Maintains current CPR and First Aid certification, as well as MAP and PABC as applicable

15.    Performs other duties as assigned by the Program Manager and/or Coordinator


•    Associates degree or college courses preferred. High school diploma or G.E.D required
•    Pass a CORI, Driving Record, and Fingerprinting checks prior to beginning of work and continued employment, as required by the position responsibilities and company policies
•    A minimum of (5) five years’ direct support residential experience and/or closely related experience working with developmentally disabled individuals and/or individuals with traumatic brain injury
•    A working knowledge behavior plans for developmentally disabled individuals and/or individuals with traumatic brain injury, as required by the position
•    Prior staff training and/or leadership experience is desirable
•    Must possess current First Aid, CPR, MAP, Human Rights Advocate, and PABC (where required) certifications and any other certifications as required for the specific position  prior to beginning work and continuing of employment
•    Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills 
•    Solid math and computer skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Outlook is a plus
•    Responsible for arriving on time and adhering to all program policies and procedures and completion of job tasks
•    Ability to engage positively with individuals, their families/guardians, providers, other staff, and management, and role model this behavior for other program staff
•    Able to display patience, as well as good comprehension and problem solving skills
•    Work in a positive fashion as member of program staff


•    Must have the physical ability to stand and walk frequently during the day, engage in repeated stooping or bending at the waist, AND 
•    Ability to go up and down stairs several times during the shift
•    Occasional lifting will be required depending on the individuals supported
•    Must be able to safely support, pivot, physically move or assist a person weighing up to 100+ lbs. (as determined by the individuals supported) during daily living activities, with or without assistance 
•    Must be able to physically ensure the safety of all individuals in the program by participating in established behavioral interventions, as required
•    Ability to drive 4-6 passenger van for transportation of individuals to day programs, community activities and other engagements, as required