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Chief Financial Officer-Newburyport, MA

Essential Job Functions:

· Prepare and present financial information; extensive in-person, telephone, and electronic communication at all levels in the Organization and external funders, contacts, and Board members.

· Extensive analytical, financial accounting, financial resources, and corporate finances project management. Extensive work with computer applications, financial/accounting software, and electronic billing systems.

· Consistent application and operationalizing knowledge of human service networks, private contracting, state/federal contracts, and regulations related to Turning Point's strategic plan and financial business.

· Plan, coordinate and execute the annual budget process. This includes budget to actual monitoring throughout the year.

· Finance department oversight, ensuring staff efficiency, productivity, and resourcefulness by providing performance management and quality control.

Key Responsibilities:

· Serve as an internal consultant to the President, Board, Senior Leadership, and other key stakeholders on all financial matters to keep Turning Point a financially strong organization.

· Manage the accounting and financial operations of the Organization.

· Support the IT Director in maintaining and purchasing technology, equipment, and electronic communication systems. Monitor the upkeep of user accounts, implementation of corporate cybersecurity, and HIPAA data security plan. Negotiate and manage contracts with outside vendors in line with the budget.

· Support the Director of Maintenance & Facilities in maintaining and purchasing capital needs, along with the repairs and maintenance expenses.  Assist in the negotiation of bids with outside vendors in line with the budget and in accordance with the procurement policy. Partner with Human Resources as it relates to financial systems and the budget.

· Mentor, supervise, and develop the accounting/finance team, managing work allocation and productivity, training, problem resolution, and performance evaluation.

· Oversee cash flow and forecasting, including a reliable cash flow projection process and reporting mechanism that includes minimum cash threshold to meet operating needs.

· Optimize banking relationships and initiate appropriate strategies to enhance cash positions.

· Manage internal accounting control systems and internal audits, ensuring the accurate and timely production of accounting information and financial reports.

· Support the negotiation and review of employee benefit programs and subsequent audits.

· Serve as the Organization's primary liaison with its auditor and oversee the successful completion of the annual audits.

·Drive the effort to collaborate with internal stakeholders to complete the Organization's annual budgets while empowering program leaders to "own" their budgets through a bottom-up budget approach.

· Analyze and report on financial statements and budgets. Prepare and recommend corrective actions to CEO as necessary.

·Participate in candidate application and selection process for open positions within the accounting/finance department.

·Participate in the Organization's strategic planning process.


· Leadership: Motivates and empowers others; effectively analyzes complex situations and provides solution-focused results; leads by example; reaches decisions independently; demonstrates enthusiasm and commitment to work and the Organization's mission.

·Flexibility/Adaptability: Demonstrates willingness to modify a strongly held position in the face of differing evidence or new ideas; demonstrates openness to new organizational structures, policies, procedures, and technology; explores new methods of accomplishing objectives; adopts new approaches to problems and adjusts strategies; helps others successfully manage organizational, programmatic, or departmental changes.

·Teamwork and Collaboration: Collaborates and works well with others to provide managerial oversight of programs, services, departments, or Organization's initiatives.

·Problem Solving and Conflict Management: Strives to understand contributing factors and seeks input from others; effectively handles multiple problems or tasks simultaneously; intervenes and manages challenging or complex situations in a professional manner within Turning Point and outside of the Organization.

·Interpersonal Skills: Facilitates professional and amicable relationships with Management, Board members, subordinates, and community contacts; works effectively to establish oneself as a resource; builds partnerships inside and outside of the Organization.

·Technical Support: Oversees the integrity of the accounting systems; generates standard reports for Management's review; oversees and delegates ad hoc analysis projects.

· Productivity: Manages and prioritizes workload; highly organized; works efficiently and is self-directed; strives to meet goals and objectives; effectively delegates and provides coaching and assistance to others.

·Strategic Planning: Works to establish and articulate vision. When implementing changes and defining solutions and resources; offers new ideas to push the Organization's services, programs, or departments forward; utilizes evidence-based outcomes to determine future decisions and policy development.

Education and Experience:

·BA/BS and MBA or CPA preferred with an emphasis in accounting/finance.

·Management and supervisory experience overseeing financial functions (accounting, budgeting, control, and reporting), preferably in the non-profit sector.

· Experience and detailed knowledge of government contracts preferred, including Uniform Guidance and Uniform Financial Report (UFR) compliance requirements.

· Knowledge of state/federal contracts and Massachusetts health services preferred.

· Proficiency in Microsoft Office, NetSuite, and other accounting software.