Summer Urban Youth Program Internship

Title:                Urban Youth Collaborative Program Intern

Hours:             35 hours per week for 9 weeks

Pay:                 $17-$18/hr

Schedule:        Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday schedules are determined with your program manager

                          Wednesday    9:30-12:00 NECC Haverhill campus; 1:00 to 4:30 @ TPI Main Office

There are 2 off-site, state-wide Urban Youth Collaborative Program events that may require additional hours.

The following duties and scope of responsibility are listed below, but are not limited to:



  • Attend orientation during the first week of hire.
  • Attend all functions sponsored by DDS (including but not limited to State House Event and Retreat Day).
  • Attend specific training opportunities to increase awareness of TPI services and the field of developmental disabilities.
  • Attend weekly NECC class and complete all course-related assignments to earn 3 college credits
  • Attend weekly discussion groups with the intern team and as required.
  • Participate in performance assessment and appraisal process.
  • Work as a team member in assigned program, following instructions from Urban Youth Collaborative Program and Residential leadership.
  • Promote safe practices; adhere to and follow all safety policies; report any hazards to the Director, Program Coordinator, or Program Manager immediately.


  • Monitor individuals with whom you are assigned; know where they are and help to keep them safe.
  • Help individuals participate in and learn from the activities in which they engage to the best of their abilities.
  • Interact with individuals demonstrating interest in them and the activities in which they are engaging.
  • Communicate with individuals verbally and using alternative communication
  • Accompany and provide supervision to individuals while in their homes and the community.
  • Assist individuals with daily living skills and personal care needs, as needed.
  • Demonstrate respect for the individuals’ rights and choices; help them advocate and speak for themselves.
  • Report medical and behavioral concerns to staff and supervisors.
  • Honor people’s right to confidentiality and follow all confidentiality and privacy
  • Understand your role and responsibility as a mandated reporter.



  • Complete data documentation as directed and trained by your supervisor.
  • Report all incidents and unusual occurrences to your supervisor.
  • Complete communication logs, incident reports, seizure reports, and other reports as directed.
  • Follow all agency policies and procedures.